The Mango and Emperor Lychee

The Mango and Emperor Lychee

What’s in the Season

Everyone knows the phrase “this too shall pass.” Wise words through the ages to be sure. A small but powerful part of what will see us through the current difficulties is the ability to see beyond the troubles, to be reminded that we have something to look forward to. In our little world at the Fruit and Spice Park, this means taking stock of the wonders that are forming before our very eyes. In this space, and in our social media posts, I will not tease you with fruits that are becoming ready while we are closed to the public. Rather I will seek to remind the reader about what is tocome-the miracles that await!

The Mango

The star of the show, as usual, is the Mango. We have a stunning bloom this year, and look forward to the juicy, succulent King of Fruits. Pictured here is a blooming Kesar Mango, a cultivar grown in Gujarat, India. This tree was donated by the Broward Rare Fruit Council and is beginning to bear.

Pictured below is the young, just barely recognizable fruit of the Emperor Lychee. We have a good fruit set on this large fruited variety, and in a couple of months we will be munching these golf ball sized beauties to savor their sweet perfumed flavor.


A little later in the year, we will have so many Avocados we will not know what to do with ourselves. Guacamole, Avocado toast, straight from the skin, or in Pad Thai – few fruits are as versatile, or productive.

Check out the flowers of this mature avocado flower specimen (below). We can expect this beauty to produce hundreds of delicious fruit.


Emperor Lychee

So, while we must endure some hardships, we will persevere. Sadly, we have postponed our Blues and BBQ Festival until the Fall of 2020, and the Redland International Orchid Show has decided to forgo 2020 altogether, and to reconvene in May of 2021, bigger and better than ever. As for daily Park operations, we are still caring for our precious collection, maintaining all safety protocols of course. Things tend to change quickly lately so as they say, “watch this space.” If such things interest you, perhaps this would be a good time to study the flowering behaviors of your favorite fruits. The reproductive lives of fruit trees is a fascinating subject – for what is a fruit but a vessel for a seed?


Please check our website for updates, and follow our Instagram @fruitandspicepark for the most up to date information, and a little reminder of the good things to come. All the best to you and yours, from me and mine!

– Jim Stribling